The Beautiful People In my Life That Made this Possible

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to an amazingly talented and generous team of friends!

They helped me launch my website and pursue my dream of having a place to share what I value with others, and assist in helping others on their journey.

They believed in my vision, and they believed in me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them.


Andra Ciocan is the past Creative Director for Save the Bees Project, now Bee Mission; and the past Founder of OWLAH. Presently, the Co-Founder of the Life’s Rails Community, coaching ambivert women on how to rid themselves of their limiting beliefs, in order to develop the right mindsets so that they may create the lives that they are meant to be living.

She not only plays the part of coach but also the student; part-time at the University of Simon Fraser in BC, Canada, working on her degree in Interactive Arts and Technology, with a Minor in Business and a Human Resources Certification. As a teacher, coach and instructor, she has worked for organizations such as KUMON, GAP Year South Africa, SFU FCAT Mentorship, SFU Leadership Program, school of Transcending Martial Arts, and has done general tutoring all her life. She has acquired a great understanding and fascination for human habits, practices, coping mechanisms and interactions, by working with people over the past 12 years.

Andra Ciocan

Business Coach & Designer

Jenny Brown is an MA student at University of Aberystwyth. She completed her BA (Hons.) at University of Wales Trinity Saint David in 2020. Several of her short stories, a comedy screenplay and comedy short play have been published in Douglas College’s PEARLS anthology. She was shortlisted for On Spec Magazine’s September 2019 Writing Competition. Jenny is the recipient of the 2019 Maurice Hodgson Creative Writing Award of Distinction and the Gail Fraser Writing Scholarship. Jenny travelled the globe as a child, living in the UK, New Zealand and Canada, and like Jason Bourne, holds three passports. She’s an avid baker, car boot shopper, and movie nerd. She currently resides in West Wales where she works as a counselor.

Jenny Brown


Debbie Way-Gratitude Page

Debbie Way has been working in print and design for over 30 years. She started off with a bachelor’s degree in education, minoring in art. Very quickly her love of design took over and she began working in the graphic design industry; which ultimately led her to start her own company Wild Ways Design Works. Debbie has always had a passion for creating, whether through painting, photography, graphic design or creating jewelry. Debbie loves to spend time outdoors hiking, biking, playing pickleball or beach-volleyball and taking photos, and of course travelling to new destinations that captivate her imagination. She is also an advocate of people using their talents to pursue their passions and supports Tracy 100%.

Debbie Way

Brand Manager

Blair has been professionally active in both media (as a technician) and in the entertainment industry as a writer, producer and performer since the mid 1980’s.

He has in the past performed in front of camera as an actor and music performer and currently behind the camera on motion picture and television sets as a technician. He has done this for the last decade. Blair has released 2 CD’s streaming on familiar sites such as Spotify, YouTube and Vimeo and still composes and records music posting with video images on YouTube and Facebook. In 2019, after a year of training,study and testing Blair was certified as an Aquafit instructor and when time allows works with seniors. He has a passion for human anatomy and is focused on mobility solutions for seniors and injured adults. He also has a passion for E bikes and manages a Facebook page of tips and tricks safety and stretching methods for new and older riders.

Blair has been married to Tracy for 18 years and follows her guidance daily for a well balanced self caring regime. “Tracy is trained and naturally gifted in so many healing modalities that our home is like a life affirmation lab. We still have our physical struggles but we are highly aware of our issues and how to work on healing them.

I am glad at this stage of her working life Tracy is bringing her gifts out to the public to work in the healing arts. I am honoured to be with her and I am dedicated to her success. I believe she has a special something to bring to all who meet her.

Blair Hebert

Media Advisor